The thousand dollar hamburger is my twist on an old pilot axiom, 'The Hundred Dollar Hamburger'. This is a term long used by private pilots to describe the cost of renting an airplane, flying to a nearby airport grill and having a burger and fries. In this day and age, that's a bit on the low side, so I figured a grand would be more descriptive for some of my adventures in my airplanes. Although rarely a thousand, it's slightly more realistic for the cost of a vacation, plus the domain name was available so here ya go!

I am now on my second plane, 172ME, but the majority of the pictures on this site are from my days with 4843H. She was a sweet little airplane but severely lacking on payload capability. I much prefer the 172 now that I've been flying it for a while. I has a far greater payload. I have a very large dog (150lb german shepard) so I can just take out the back seat and load him in! Anyhow, this site has all my favorite destinations, the pictures are in no particular order but it's basically fly there, get a ride, camp, do some fun stuff and fly home. Click on any picture for a slide show and there is a description and map link at the left bottom of each page.