Cheaoh, well, this one was a BITCH to get in and out of, very high mountains in the Great Smokies. Not to mention a very long flight in the 152, but I guess it was worth it. Some of the most pristine scenery I've ever seen. This was my first time in the Smokies. Super clear mountain streams, crisp air even in June. We found a really good camping spot, a bit of a hike but right beside a large mountain stream. One downside was the county was dry so we had to ride about 40 miles to get beer and groceries. But then again, you had to ride 40 miles to get to anything out here!

In the 152 this was a bit of a stretch. The mountains were 8500 ft, only about 1500 feet away from needing oxygen. A few times I had to go as high as 10500 and that was pretty much the limit on the 152, she just wouldn't go higher. I'm must say I scared myself at least three times on this trip, all on departure. First, the runway with the wind faced a blind canyon, I had to do a tight 180 to get out. Second, the clouds were broken but the ceiling looked good, clear above 7500. Just goes to show you how WRONG the weather forecast can be sometimes. I ran into 9500+ ft tops on the way back and ended up doing a few minutes in the clouds, not pleasant. But I basically just headed east until the terrain leveled to a non-ridiculous height and the clouds cleared.