After Ocracoke this is my favorite trip. The New River Valley in West Virginia is home to the Gauley River, some of the best whitewater on the east coast, not to mention fantastic scenery. If you have never tried this you need to. It is well worth the trip and expense. It's only an hour by air from CHO but since it's pretty much due west over the mountains, you need some good weather to get there. Summersville is a small strip, 3015x50 and a bit tricky to get into.

One of the advantages to Summersville is that you can walk to the nearest campground which also has a nice store. While it is quite a drive to the Gauley River from here, it is just a short (reasonably) paddle across the lake. Then again, I wouldn't recommend going down the Gauley except as part of a pro rafting company. During Gauley season they open the damn and the river is pretty outrageous. Generally a few people a year die on it, but generally that's from heart attacks, it's very strenuous. If you like tamer fare, the New River is more sedate and good for a float and fishing trip. Camping is abundant and Summersville is big enough to have a Food Lion and Walmart and is only a few miles away.