I have made several trips to Ocracoke and the outerbanks (OBX). It has got to be my favorite destination. There are four must see airports on the way down the strip, First Flight Kitty Hawk, Dare County Manteo, Billy Mitchel Field Hatteras and Ocracoke Airstrip. In the 152, the trip took about 2.5 hours from CHO one way. Considering its about a 6-7 hour trip by car including the ferry ride from Hatteras to Ocracoke, that's not too bad. The basic route I always follow was KCHO to KSFQ (suffolk exec), refuel, down over to KONX (Currituck), then over KFFA (first flight) to Dare County (KMQI). MQI is the last place to get gas before heading down the strip so be sure to either top off here or at Currituck.

One of the better things about flying to Ocracoke is that once you get there, you really don't need a car to get around. The place is so small that a bike will do and these can be rented at most of the hotels. Another fun option is a golf cart, these are also available from several places and are great fun to zip around town in. If you want to get to the really deserted beaches though, you need to rent a jeep and drive to the north end of the island. You can park by the highway, hike a short distance over the dune and be the only one for miles on the beach. There is nothing quite like it.