Tangier Island is an interesting little place, a small island fishing community in the middle of the Chesapeake bay. I've been there twice now, a very nice little day trip. I pack my fold up bikes and a cooler full of food and drink and it's quite a nice adventure. Tangier has come more into the 20th century now and has some tourist sorts of restaurants and even a gift shop but it is still quite quaint.

There is a nice strip of beach open to the public but I'm not sure it would be a good swimming as the sand drops off very quickly into the bay. Then again, I've never tried it. As far as the local food, I've heard the seafood is to die for, it is caught fresh here but I have yet to try it. Perhaps next time.

If you have never flown here, it is a good place to visit. On my first trip I flew all the way across the bay to Accomack, refueled there then went to Tangier. After biking around a bit, I packed up and flew over to Crisfield MD, there is a state park within easy biking distance of the airport. Very good day trip, well worth the gas. Just be careful of the restricted airspace, with some planning you can avoid having to talk to ATC.